Flitestyle Build

Hello Community,

my name is Frank. I live in southwest Germany, very close to a well known, renowned jetboard manufacturer. I am an enthusiastic passive reader since the beginning of the forum.
I already became an Efoil fan with Pacificmasters video documentary. Since then I have been following this fascinating hobby and it was clear that sooner or later I would also build a DIY-Efoil.

The forum is great and has many innovative hobbyists to whom I take my hat off.
You can get a lot of knowledge, ideas and tips just by reading and studying.
So you are can see so many incredible and awesome builds.

Yesterday I could finally water my own homebuild and this is now the time to finally register in this forum.

The first ride didn’t get to the foiling in standing but I was very satisfied with the performance. Unfortunately my Antisparkswitch said goodbye and I had to end the session after half an hour.
Beside the smoked switch there are also some small leakage problems…

I like the design of Fliteboard very much and I have orientated myself a little bit here. Still working on the optical impression, the technical side is more important for now. :face_with_monocle:

Details of the build :
Board : Airush Monaro Size 190x70cm shortened to 166cm
Motor : SSS56114 390KV with Metabo SB18 LTX Gearbox Ratio 1:4,5
(Special thanks to Efoil Dude for the provided Gearbox solution)
Controller : VESC 200A
Battery : Multistar Lipo 12S 16Ah
Remote : Winning W4 2.4 Ghz
Mast : Carbon/Glass selfmade 75cm
Frontwing : Carbon/Glass Selfmade 78x15cm
Stabilizer : Carbon/Glass Selfmade 33x10cm

Additional Equipment :
Flipsky Antisparkswitch
Selfmade magnetic Killswitch (for pump and receiver)
Minipump with 12V BEC for cooling the ESC
WLS-PVA200 Coulometer
METR Dongle
Waterproof Batterie Connection via Modified Weipu SP29
waterproof Motor Connection 3D printed

Weights : complete ready to ride 22,2 kg
Board with Mast/Wings/Motor/Controllerbox = 17,6 kg
16AH Batterys in TAF Case 104 : 4,6 kg

Next planned steps :
Replace Antispark switch or find another switching option
Locate and close leaks

Future dreams :
Optical rework
Larger battery pack
Better remote control solution


1 picture is not sufficient… We need pictures of the build :wink:



Hello Frank
Nice Board and greeting from Cologne :blush:
Gerretings Frank