Flying rodeo e-foil survey

Please take a few minutes of your time to complete this short survey, it’s gonna help us to development new E-foils in a future.

Thank you for your time.

Flying Rodeo e-foil SURVEY

The choices after “You would you use an electric foil when …” are confusing.

Asking people on this forum are going to be preselected as positive :slight_smile:

I have been doing research and development for enhancing the efficiency of propellers for many years. Nowadays I know everything about propeller hydrodynamics, I can design a propeller for each craft and for each drive.

But for e-surfers, unfortunately, you can not get a highly efficient propeller because it is not produced anywhere.

And that’s actually the only hurdle to the bigger e-surf boom and this survey.

@WNT It’s good to see someone with experience in designing efficient propellers. If nothing is currently product are you able to help model an efficient design, or range of designs, for the most common e-foil setups? Then we can work out how to produce it, whether its 3D print or alum cast etc.

I have PROPS for EFOIL 4 blades and 3 blades with HIGH pitch or low pitch :slight_smile:

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And different color :slight_smile:

here are the results:


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To g.gregory8: That’s the right question from you. Yes, of course, I can model efficient design. We’re still having fun!

To Flying_Rodeo: Only ordinary boat propellers can be seen on the photos, not suitable for e-foil at all. E-foil needs a special shape and the right number of blades.

This topic (Flying rodeo e-foil survey) is not suitable for discussion with me. That’s why I’m going to create two new themes this afternoon. The first topic will cover propeller ratings, the second topic will cover jet propulsion.

Flying rodeo motor system with this propeller goes 50 km/h top speed and makes with 1/2 throtlle: 12Ah batery 25min (currently the most powerful system and eficient) :slight_smile:

see video:

if you have better PROP then please show me? :slight_smile:

I have tested a lot of different shape and size of prop and now i have NOT only the best prop in theoretical but also practical that suit best for me. :slight_smile: cheers


Hello david here from Sweden 3 blade prop with high pitch ! Is it possible to buy ? How much pitch is it ?
Do you sell a prop to a swede ? :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face: price ?

Awsoooome man !! :smiley:

The photos are not ordinary boat propellers. They are perfectly engineered for the Flying Rodeo motors and efoiling. I have purchased many of them. If you can engineer and produce something better we would all love to see it. Talk is cheap.

Hi David,

I desire to purchase the 3 blade prop with HIGH pitch from you.
How could I make the order??