Flying with gear- 1 bag or 3?

So- I could fit the whole kit into my old MFC SUP bag- but it’s really hard to carry/is HEAVY

Or… get a dedicated SUP foil board bag- put the paddle and boom in that.

Then shrink wrap the wings together

And get a bag for the foil.

Anyone been there/done that?

Here is what the all in one bag looks like- I’d have to tape/shrink wrap the back of the bag.

5’6 Kalama SUP foil board
Gofoil Tuttle mast/fuse
2 GL wings and 1 NL wing
5m echo 7m echo

Heavy is bad. It’s easier to separate them and then use a luggage cart at the airport or something. Baggage handlers and the check in agents don’t seem to like heavy bags.

I haven’t travelled with boards in a long time though.

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I’d agree. If you’re traveling with a friend, put the wings and other parts in a big suitcase if you can. Less to break and break your board.

I’ve heard good things from Vitamin Blue in Costa Mesa.

They do good custom stuff and repairs too. Hmmm wonder if they’d just cut down your old bag.

Definitely pack your foil into a large suitcase as it will damage your board.

Pack the board(s) into your travel bag. If you want to cushion your boards you can wrap in bubble wrap or I use pipe insulation on the rails as repairing a ding on the deck or bottom is easy when abroad. Repairs on the rail are more difficult.

Lots of airlines limit the number of boards per bag so better to read the fine print. We once had 4 short boards in a board coffin and the limit was 2 and they wanted to charge use for 3 board bags. The charges have no rhyme nor reason. I got charged $300 for the same bag going when returning my wife got charged $100.

Anyway, definitely pack foil set up in a suitcase and try to make your board bag as light as possible.

I’ve got an old kite board bag and the boom and paddle fit!!

So, I’m going to put the wings, paddle, boom and foil in there. And the pump. Don’t forget the pump!!!

Board in the other bag- boom. (Though I’m going to get a dedicated SUP foil bag hopefully to support California biz.

Good call on some pool noodles.

Roll of shrink wrap is the other tip I already know— waaaay easier than tape and no residue.

Thanks for the advice!

I put my board in its own surfboard bag and then pack the mast and rest of the foil stuff in a duffel bag with everything wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard with all my clothes packed around for padding. Somehow the board gets new damage every time I fly with it no matter how hard I try to wrap or protect it. The surfboard bag’s zipper got ripped off by the TSA this last trip.

Little known trick that I learned from kiting forums. Most airlines let golf clubs travel free. Get a big hard golf club case and a cheap set of clubs, then pack the rest of your shit in there with them.

i can fit one SUPfoil…a pronefoil…a GoFoil mast and a paddle in a bag…comes in at just about 49 lbs…winds and tools another bad with lota of padding…

but i cant get away from the 100$ per way surfboard bag fee on hawaiian air…that darn GoFoil mast will not fit in any suitcase now
matter how big of one i use