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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum but am very interested in all the newest watersports! We have created a wireless remote for those crazy water-powered jetpacks and jetboards. I was turned on to this forum by a friend who suggested we may be able to come up with a good solution for an e-foil remote. As I have looked through some previous posts I feel like our entire unit may not be the way to go but our remote as a stand alone product may be what many of you are looking for. If we can provide a remote that can be paired with a DIY receiver would that solve some of the problems people are facing? I personally know what it is like to have the greatest new toy and be frustrated by certain things not working, specifically remotes (which is the whole reason we created the F4). We have several years of testing, development, and market success and I would love to work with this industry as well!

We have discussed with Flytronics the possiblity of use of their F4 handle for other projects. They have joined and can answer these issues directly. At this point they are gauging the interest in a fully resolved, waterproof radio transmitter configured to a trigger. The unit is called the F4. It floats, is sealed enough for hydroflight impacts, constructed of 316 stainless steel metal switches and a sealed sensor system, nicely ergonomic, powered by 9V battery. It transmits a coded frequency unique to each unit.

The idea being explored with community use would be to program your own receivers and integrate them into the boards controls, no pairing is required, straight up transmission by the trigger and reception by the radio unit. The transmission range is in excess of 100 meters. On off toggle switch and a second channel for momentary push button signal in conjunction with trigger level. What that secondary signal might toggle or switch is up to you and the software programming.

Hi just wondering if this has progressed any

Thanks nick

The remote is ridiculously expensive ($1,850.00). It might be applicable to a very high end version of this project, but probably not for most DIY builds.

Everything you say is likely correct, with the exception of the word “ridiculous”. :slight_smile:

We build it for Flytronics, it has a longer range and higher impact resistance than is needed for efoiling. It is built in small quantities for secure control of riders at 70 feet above the water attached to a 300+ HP supercharged engine, meets the demands of the group of hydroflight serious users and professionals that use it personally and competitively .

It is completely waterproof, magnetic connection isolated through the solid wall to the sensor, the buttons can be pushed underwater with no risk of leakage. The radio signal is solid and instant up to 300 feet minimum.

We are applying it to our efoil project because it is ready and available and the form factor works. It is not the most economical approach, acknowledged.:sunglasses:

That makes more sense, I guess I didn’t really understand the application

Hey Filip there is another waterproof remote option coming soon post on the forum thread DIY Waterproof remote - #164 by VeFoil - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) -