Fogstar Wholesale - Exclusive battery prices for forum members in the UK and Europe

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ben and I own a small company called Fogstar. We supply Lithium Cells to vape stores and wholesalers, however through the contacts we’ve made on our journey we’ve discovered that we are quite competitive throughout several industries.

I know some of you may have used our services for your battery needs before, and if this is you - thank you very much. I’d like to bring you discounts on several cells that you may find interesting! I hope the admins don’t mind. These discounts are only available by emailing and quoting ‘Efoil Builders’.

Samsung 40T - £3.36
Samsung 30T - £2.40
Samsung 25R - £1.77
Samsung 30Q - £2.37
Sony VTC6 - £2.50

These prices are inclusive of VAT. We can offer good prices on other cells - just let us know what you need :slight_smile:.

If you are local, we welcome you to drop by and feel free to come and inspect any cells you wish to purchase beforehand! Thanks for your time!

Edit - We currently only ship to the UK and Europe due to shipping regulations.


Thank you , just to make sure this price are vat included ? The one on your wholesale website aren’t ?

Thanks Alexandre. These prices in the main post are inclusive of VAT as I imagine most DIY pack builders on this forum are not companies! The website is Ex VAT :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the offers! Fantastic to have a quality cell supplier here!

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Good morning,
I need 160 30q
Thank you so much

Hey Marco.

If you could email and ask for 160 30Q cells and qoute ‘Efoil Builders’. We can get you set up :slight_smile:

Samsung 30Q are £2.37 including VAT Marco. I will update the main post. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sony VTC6 added to main post. £2.50 including VAT :slight_smile:

Hello Ben,

from your experience, which of these is the most “stable” cell? Maybe you have some quality figures from your sales?
I am in powertools, and the difference between a batterypack with 18650 and 21700 cells is remarkable, but as the 21700 are still very expensive, in powertools they come slowly.
Would you say the Samsung 40T can reach as many cycles as the 25R, which in my opinion is one of the best?

40T at this price , it is not really expensive , about same price and weight for a 12s14p of 30q then a 12s10p of 40t
Really happy with 30Q but my next pack will be 40t

I’d say the 40T cycle life is on par with the 25R. I think you’d be impressed. The price isnt as attractive as the 25R though currently.

What’s the price of panasonic 18650PF?

Hello! Current stock prick is £2.04 including VAT :slight_smile:

Thank you BenF, I will assemble my 12s12p pack and had to order from Nkon but given your prices I think I will go through you. Can you give me the detailed specifications of your VTC6? And the amount for shipping costs?
Thank you. Thank you.

Hello Ben,
Does the price still stand ?

Yes Thom, some prices have come down also!

Great ! Which ones of the ones listed above ?
What are the new prices ?

Sorry to bump up this old post, but I’m about to start building my 1st battery pack for my jet board, but I’ve got no clue what battery of the above to get.

At this moment I’m using six 6S Lipo battery’s (4500 mAh 40C Zippy compact) all in parallel, and the setup is performing great (for me). I get about 15 minutes full speed of runtime on this.

I’ve got some old dead " Sony US18650VT3" Liion’s here and by looking at the battery compartment I can store comfortably 84 of them.

I might want to get some more speed from the setup. The ESC can handle 16S. The motor not (max 50 volts)… I guess my next move will be 12s7p

As mentioned before… I have no clue… So… Any help on what battery to get would really be appreciated.
Thank you.