Foil assist Kit waterproof 6374 motor + 100A V6 VESC + waterproof remote

Maytech new release coming soon: waterproof 6374 motor +100A upgraded V6 VESC controller + MTSKR1905WF waterproof remote for Foil Assist !

Check more information from below link:

Motor is ready, VESC will be ready in the end of this month, make pre-order now to get first shipment when things ready !


Can you let me know the dimensions of the 100a VESC controller?

Hi dear friend, below is the picture of the size, length is 71mm and width is about 43mm


The VESC will be ready in the end of this month, I will update more information when it’s ready.

Ordered a motor to test… Hope it ships quickly…

Thank you Jezza, will ship out today.

awsome !!! … can you make a 6384 too …and will be nice to have a heat sink for the vesc so we can cool it out by touching the water out of the enclosure … and a folded propeler printed in resine and we will send you all our money !!

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Dear Vincent,
We have a plan to make a larger motor63100, could this work for you?
About the VESC, final product of the VESC will be with heat fin attach mosfet so can be better cooled, I will update pictures when it’s ready.

Propeller is in the designing and processing stage, if you have any advice of the design or if you have drawing that you think could work well with 6374 motor, feel free to contact us, it would be helpful for us to make suitable propeller for you.

thanks for the reply ! I m using today a 6384 with a flipsky vesc 75100 and 12 S battery couple with a foldable propeler from EML store (propeler king) …my set up is very powerfull and heavy for a 45 kgs prone foil board…

i believe the 63100 will be too big and regarding the propeler you have 2 exemples (drive assist propeler who is the best I believe) and eml propeler who is a bit too big for drive assist (make the vesc quite hot) …

Ok, thank you for your advice, I will update this to my boss and engineer.

The last foil kit I got from Maytech was absolute garbage - controller cooked multiple motors before I gave up and switched to Flipsky. Of course Maytech customer service was completely unhelpful. I recommend avoiding Maytech!

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i m only using maytech remote which is great , going into very salty water with minimal protection (grease) …never used VESC or motor from them …

I have received my motor and surprise, it’s not waterproof at all. The only thing they have done is cut the shaft and put ceramic bearings in!
It would be cheaper to buy a Flipsky battle hardened motor and ceramic bearing yourself.
Once more Maytech with little knowledge of what the consumer needs. This will be the last product I buy with their branding and I will make sure to remove their logos from the existing products I have…

Here are the real pics…

They have not even reinforced the magnets with epoxy like the Flipsky battle hardened motors…
If one were to use this motor in a salty environment (the sea) it would be dead and rusty very quickly!

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To be fair it seems like they coated the stator quite well, never seen any like that before.

The problem is that the stator is less important than the magnets and the rotor seems untreated.

D’oh! Talk about missing the goal. I’ve had a few motors die from magnet corrosion.

One bit of sand and a scratch on the stator and corrosion sets in and it’s done. Look at what the Saite motors which even have a full epoxy coating over the stator end up looking like after time (pic somewhere on forum).

Magnets are black so may have been painted or dipped but sand (in the water) would again wear that very quickly and then the rest is completely untreated.

It might last 1 session in a salt water environment as it is…

Now I’m gonna have to do the job properly…

Note to Maytech: If you want to do a job properly, buy a foildrive and then look at the motor and get the factory you buy from to replicate that. Or just buy it from Saite and then resell it…

At least there is a flange and plenty of threaded holes to fix a prop.
As for the treatment to make it water resistant, I think if it is coated it should not be that bad. I use a 63100 coated with epoxy for 2 years now, mainly in fresh water but it has also been in the sea occasionally. I re-coated the stator once because it got a bit of rost, but it was not too bad. If you use it in salt water all the time, you need to rince it with fresh water after use.

@Jezza : If magnets have an additional coating then this maytech waterproofing might actually be ok.

Stators take a loong time to rust out, this one looks ok, better than all i’ve seen.

What do you expect to find? I think before it has been in the water for a month you shouldn’t judge it, all we know at this point is that they did something, not how efficient it was.

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That is what the waterproof motor from Saite looks like. Coated in a thermal transmitting epoxy. It is also slightly cheaper than the Maytech motor if bought direct from Saite. Clearly more effort has been made on the Saite motor to make it waterproof.

Yeah, especially the rotor looks dubious, a full coating could be relied upon whereas an extra layer on the magnets might be porous or prone to chipping.

When you order custom neodyms you can get them with black epoxy coating, do you think this could be the case on the maytech motor?

Found picts of the “Epoxy reinforced magnets”… on their 6384 page
For memory purpose:

'Flipsky Sensored Outrunner Brushless DC Motor Battle hardened 63100 14 – FLIPSKY

Looks like the stator winding is not epoxy coated

Would change both bearings ?