Foil Assist System for Sale in UK

Foil assist for sale in UK

Please note:

  • This is a DIY version I built myself. The unit has a 8S3P (36.3V) battery built by a local battery company.
  • I will provide all of the 3d print files should you wish to have spares printed for yourself (I will share the name of the mail order 3d print service I used).
  • The mast attachment is for an Axis aluminium mast but it wouldn’t be hard to modify for other brands. It also fits on a F-one Aluminium mast.
  • It is not designed for e-foil use. I used it for SUP foiling and a bit of prone foiling.

The kit includes:

  • Foil assist in waterproof box
  • hobbywing ESC (Max 6)
  • Maytech v2 remote with receiver
  • 8S3P battery with BMS with bluetooth connectivity. The battery has had less than 20 cycles
  • Paddle mount for goofy riders (I can prove a 3D print file for regular riders to print themselves)
  • Battery charger
  • Remote wrist leash
  • Spare propeller blades
  • Mast cable mount
  • One cable mount for sticking on the board
  • Plate to mount the box onto a board with footstraps
  • Tie down strap for use with the plate mount
  • Programming card for programming the ESC

The buyer will need to purchase:

  • 3M dual lock tape to secure the battery box to your board (low cost from Amazon)
  • Electrical tape to secure the cable to the mast
  • M4 spanner and Torx tool for M3 and M4 screws

I will happily have a video call with prospective buyers to show the equipment and explain how it works/how to maintain.

£645 including postage to a UK address.

spare battery is also for sale £200
spare box is also for sale £20


This post can be deleted as the unit is now sold.

Hi there, is your diy foil drive still available? Would love to know more. Thanks very much jamie