Foil Assist with Flipsky 65111 for Axis Mast (and Flipsky 75100 ESC)

I’m starting my Foil Assist project. for those days with 5 Knots, where you just need 10 seconds push to take off.


  1. As I will only need 10 secs of push, with 20 tries per session. That’s a total of 20*10 seconds = 200 seconds. just over 3 mins of full power.
  2. Keep the box at the back as tiny and flat as possible.

I’m using the Flipsky 6111 motor. Mainly because it’s small, I reckon I won’t need anything bigger. And already bought it so I have to use it.

I’m missing a few things, which no idea what to buy, like the box. I’ll wait for the batteries and the ESC to arrive to check the size.
Also the Cable connectors to put the motor cable into the box. no idea what I should use. I saw these ones, what do you reckon? no idea how to use them either.

For now I’ve started the Fusion360 project to put all measurements, while I wait for Aliexpress to deliver the ESC. Will keep you updated on how it goes.

Cheers guys, any help very welcome. I’ll keep reading the rest of the posts on this website.



Update. Got the folding blade files from @pablo_foil, thx. Now updated the fusion360 design to include them and modify it to the Flipsky 65111 motor shaft.

1 .order the screws to fit it.
2. make the folding blade more streamline to minimise drag

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this is an amazing project! post your updates and good luck!

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Hi John, here the modified model to streamlined the folding blades design. Also changed the bolts so I can use off the shelve 3M 30mm and 40mm ones.

still waiting for Aliexpress to send the ESC…

I will use the same motor in my efoil project. Only missing part now is actually the motor. I’m curious how you mount different propellers on this motor as the shaft seems to be different from e.g. 65161 motor. My thought would be to design a propeller by myself in fusion but not sure if its the right way.

Btw I use an ammunition waterpoof box I bought from amazon. Inner size is 33,5x19x20cm which will perfectly fit my 21700 battery pack.

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Thanks Chris, I’ll have a look at the ammunition waterproof box. Which for me is now the last part of my project.

Regarding the propeller, I have the one that came with the motor, but it doesn’t foil, and looks very big. Also I printed a folded one in Fusion360. I’ll try both once assembled. I’ll post some pics now on how the entire thing is looking.

Flipsky 75100 ESC connected to the Flipsky 65111. Here the parameters I’ve used (I’ve connected the cheapest 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller Waterproof I found on aliexpress)

1st time I’ve used a VESC, here the parameters I put in. If anyone has used such ESC or motor, let me know if you agree with the parameters:

  1. Using Setup Motors FOC → Generic → Large Inrunner:
    (max power: 2500W, even though flipsky said 3000W, but just in case)
    Question 1: does anyone know what is Openloop ERPM and Sensoreless ERPM 4000?, shall I keep such values?

  2. Battery settings. LIPO s12 6AH:

  3. Gear. I’ve selected Direct Drive (I assume):

Got the following results:

  1. Finally. Following the Flipsky website, went to General/Current, and added Absolute Maximum Current: 200A:

If you think I should twick it any other way let me know.
Finally for the 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller Waterproof went through the SETUP INPUT quick configuration. and here what I did:

  1. PPM input.

  2. Selected

  3. Inputed MAX ERPM to 8,000. I’m sure if this is correct or not.

Next. buy the box and test it in the pool.

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The box seems perfect for my batter configuration. 12S4P 16Ah not assembled yet but see the picture.

My motor is still not here so I cant try yet. If 3D printed propeller is a success can you send me the stl files by chance? Thank you


Sure @chrisfoil, my system almost done. I’ll play with the propeller design I’ve built. When works I’ll send you the stl and fusion files. Note I’ve modified it such that I can just put normal off the shelf M3 and M4 screws.

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Update on ESC VESC Set-up for Flipsky 65111.
I wrote an email to the Flipsky technical team with the previous set-up parameters and they came back to me within 24 hours with the correct parameters I should be using instead. Please see entire reply below:


Please check the suggestions as below:

  1. Please choose the motor type as " Medium Inrunner", and set the motor poles as “3”. For other datas such as power and ERPM, no need to input them manually, please keep the default values.

  2. For Current Setting, please refer to below screenshot:

  3. For PPM mapping, no need to click the flash button

  4. For PPM Configuration, please don’t change the data of the “PID Max ERPM” manually.

Best Regards,
B2B Sales Representative
Shenzhen Flipsky Technology Co., Ltd


@SoEFoil just uploaded them again

Update: Newly designed folding blade housing I made in fusion360. Works very well, more aerodynamic.

Have a few ideas about how to house the cables too. Will post when done.

STL 3d print file here (just use M3 normal screws for the blades and inside, you need 4 of them. 3x M340mm and 1xM330mm


What version of Flipsky 75100 VESC ESC do you chose? Water or air cooled?
Are you sure that this motors are good for salt water?

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I’ve used this one:

[Aluminium ESC](type or paste code here](Flipsky 75100 With Aluminum PCB Based on VESC For Electric Skateboard – FLIPSKY)

UPDATE: Installed the following 2 safety features.

  1. If inside the box gets hotter than 60C, the electricity will cut off → this is done via a temperature switch.

  2. Outside the box, I’ll have a magnet attach to a thin rope attached to me, so if I call it’ll detach, and the electricity will cut off → this is done via a magnetic switch

end result:

It works perfectly. So if too hot, or if I fall of the foil, the system will automatically switch off, and the batteries won’t be connected to the speed controller.


Nice solution and good progress!. I will stick with the traditional DS18B20 temperature sensors and do the temp readings in software. BTW my motor is still not arrived lol.

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Update. System works well. Quite powerful.
This box is cheap and very waterproof. Had it at the bottom of the pool for 1hr and no water went in ( )

Next. Change the settings on the VESC system for the remote. As now there is no transition goes from off to on too quickly and the motor gets clogged. I appreciate help with this.

@chrisfoil when do you reckon you’ll get the motor? Very curious to see how you set it up using VESC software. Also what remote do you plan to use?