Foil Drive assist doesn't spin, has power, stutters

My 2 year old foil drive assist that I bought used got me out to the lineup today, but all of a sudden the motor stopped spinning. It just seemed to stutter and occasionally spin. Checked for debris but nothing and I could spin it by hand easily.

got it home and after a wash it stuttered once then started spinning normally. There is rust on the stator and some rust in the rotor that i filed out a couple sessions ago. Do i need a new rotor?

Check your motor cable bullet connectors inside the case to make sure they are fully seated in and show no signs of corrosion or arcing.

Sometimes under higher load a poor connection can cause stuttering like you are seeing as one phase drops out.


That was it, my DIY cable extension took on some water and a small nick in the wire was all it took.


Put some Vaseline of something like it under the heat shrink and that should help with waterproofing.

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