Foil evolution: the Infinite gear range from Phantom Foiling

About how efoil will beneficiate from the windfoil evolution… during the May 2023 Defi Wind challenge South of France gathering 1400 windsurfers from 35 countries, 360 windfoil riders among 960 classic fin windsurf ones.
Not only the windfoil riders completely dominated the event but it is interesting to pay attention to the winner foil: Nicolas Goyard won with a 360cm2 surface speed front wing (+5.5sqm sail) in 20-30 knots of wind + 5.5 sail surface averaging 33knots on a nautical mile. Fin riders were using 6.2 to 7 sqm sails.
The foil: Infinite — Phantom Foiling
Four foil riders out of the first five were using this infinite wing.
This is quite an unconventionnal airfoil section with a blunt leading edge

For the first time, this model has been designed for the most part using hydrodynamic optimization and speed prediction software. This work, carried out in collaboration with D3 Applied Technologies and Redondo Studio (America’s Cup designers), is a clear step forward for Phantom, in contrast to current high-performance models.

Technically, the Infinite’s design is based on:
-a thinner, narrower chord mast
-a revised structural composition of the mast with ultra-high-grade carbons to compensate for the thinner thickness
-Titanium fuselages thinner than current aluminum fuselages, stiffer and totally rustproof completely new wing and stab profiles, dihedral and outlines

The price ? Ouch: 4500usd for 2 wings and a stab or 6500usd for 4 wings, 2 fuselages and 2 stabs

Starboard speed gear looks the same:

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It’s cool with extreme developments but 6.5k!?
Those windsurfers has got some funds, eh?

I’d assume that at those speeds stiffness and drag is more important than weight so a steel mast would’ve been an improvement (since stiffness per area is greater than carbon.)

I don’t really see how this is at all relevant… The stall speed of the small wings are all at very high speeds. Efoils don’t want that. We want a balance between top speed and low stall speed.
In terms of technology, you can already get high modulus masts and titanium fuselages from a number of manufacturers as well.

Not only has one windfoil brand worked on the little details that make it safe to drive at 55kmh over a nautical mile and avoid stalling, it has just proved it by placing four riders in the top five leaving 1400 people behind. This appeals to me.

It would me more correct to say “Efoils don’t want that yet”. Phantom alleges to have sold 200 (speed ?) wings in a month. Is it a mistery or a trend ? After 3-5 years of efoil practice, if a wing capable of reaching 50kmh safely existed at a correct price, don’t you think it would appeal to you ?

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That will be windsurfers and wing racers buying those wings…

When you ride at super high speeds on efoils it’s a novelty for about 10 minutes. Then it gets boring and a wing that caters to carving and efficiecy is a lot more fun.

Fliteboard has already hit 55kph and so has flying rodeo on a sabfoil. Plenty of wings will get you over 50kph already. AFS also have a bunch of racing wings that will easily do it, but they are one trick ponies…

Speed wings may appeal to guys that want to race efoil, but in the grand scheme that’s a much smaller portion of the efoil community.

Not only. When efoils can reach 40+kmph safely, you’ll get all the esurf freaks tired of the chop.
Efoil is a niche due to the entry ticket price. As in any discipline, you’ll always have people who want to go fast

You’ll always have people prefering adrenaline to carving. Today, people don’t really have the choice. In addition, in certain disciplines including sailing, speed is a gear maturity status.

I remember David VU from FR saying he wasn’t at all confident. One sure sign: he hasn’t tried again since. Today, a level has been crossed.

One cannot regret what s.he hasn’t experienced, here the husband doing the housework :wink: