Foil Foil Assist with Flipsky 65111 for Axis Mast

I’m starting my Foil Assist project. for those days with 5 Knots, where you just need 10 seconds push to take off.


  1. As I will only need 10 secs of push, with 20 tries per session. That’s a total of 20*10 seconds = 200 seconds. just over 3 mins of full power.
  2. Keep the box at the back as tiny and flat as possible.

I’m using the Flipsky 6111 motor. Mainly because it’s small, I reckon I won’t need anything bigger. And already bought it so I have to use it.

I’m missing a few things, which no idea what to buy, like the box. I’ll wait for the batteries and the ESC to arrive to check the size.
Also the Cable connectors to put the motor cable into the box. no idea what I should use. I saw these ones, what do you reckon? no idea how to use them either.

For now I’ve started the Fusion360 project to put all measurements, while I wait for Aliexpress to deliver the ESC. Will keep you updated on how it goes.

Cheers guys, any help very welcome. I’ll keep reading the rest of the posts on this website.


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Hi, I’m new here. I was actually thinking of doing a similar set-up, and I think it may work. Please upload your progress as I may follow a similar path. Maybe a different motor, because of the cables on the Flipsky 65111

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Update. Got the folding blade files from @pablo_foil, thx. Now updated the fusion360 design to include them and modify it to the Flipsky 65111 motor shaft.

1 .order the screws to fit it.
2. make the folding blade more streamline to minimise drag

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Good progress. How will you make the folding blades more streamlined?.

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this is an amazing project! post your updates and good luck!

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Hi John, here the modified model to streamlined the folding blades design. Also changed the bolts so I can use off the shelve 3M 30mm and 40mm ones.

still waiting for Aliexpress to send the ESC…