Foil protection

I’ve seen lots of guys wearing impact vests. Those are common enough to find. What about head protection? Who’s wearing it? Post up your home made or store bought solutions.

I’ve seen gath helmets of course. Or different kite surf helmets. There’s always the danger of falling at high speed and the helmet filling with water then tweaking your neck real bad. Check out Tom Carrol’s soft helmet.

Soft surf helmet. Sounds like they address that falling issue.

There are a few guys using rugby soft padded helmets up here. Tom uses the same style too.

Something similar to this.

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I got the rugby style from Amazon and have been thankful for it every session.

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When i started foiling I used a Gath religiously. As I gained confidence I stopped, that was a mistake (5 staples in my head). The LACowboy turned me onto bump caps. I got the plastic inserts for trucker caps but found the brim cutting off my peripheral vision. I was just going to cut the brim off then I found this small brimmed bump cap.

Cheap hard shell liner

I use one of those liners myself. I put it into a black trucker cap and it never gives me trouble coming off a board at speed. Very low profile. I wear it backwards when surfing but wing with it forward just fine.

I’ll find my pics but I padded mine a bit more with some 1/8” EVA foam inside and sprayed it black to not show under the mesh. But even stock you can’t really see them. I’ve not had any serious bumps but I got tapped by my board when it got blown back against me in the wind last weekend and was glad I had this on.