Foil set in the US

Hi, I am planning to build my first efoil but I’m having a lot of trouble finding a good foil set for here in the US.

I’ve seen a lot of good reviews about RLboards efoil set (2020.2018) but unfortunately they can only ship to the US for 150euro Fedex shipping.
Gong foil set is out of stock. Liquid force and Sling shot is over 1000+ USD for a foil set.

Does anyone have a suggestions on a foil set I can order here to the US for a reasonable price and performance?

Hi, I`m no expert, I bought the 2019 Naish windsurf from positive comments on this forum

it was just under 600$. They were being discontinued, Naish changed there design for 2020.
The only one I can find is the surf model
It has the Abracadbra mast plate that is not the best for running wires up the mast, you can still get the wind surf front wing but cost is another 200$ I have tried none yet, I am no expert just what i have read

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Yeah you can find Naish Aluminum gear cheap. Here’s one of the bigger US online stores that good deals on occasion.

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I was able to snag a Liquid Force Thruster foil set for a great price ($400 + free shipping). A user here had a great review with it too Wing and stab recommendation for 25 knots - #6 by Vicdes2

Liquid Force Thruster Foil Kit

Thruster is for small drivers.
Greetings Frank