Foil week now in Frejus, South of France

Nice one ! We have already met yesterday

  • Bastian, CEO of , engineer, who sounds quite passionated about e-foils in general. His e-foil motor seems to be huge, no gearbox, large duct / prop !

  • Charles-Alexandre, from who rents and re-sells E-surf and e-foils such as the E-takuma e-foil, very small duct / prop

We will try to take and post some pics. Is anyone else from the forum coming ?

Here is the week trailer :


Great news Phil. You’ve been whitnessing the launch on a new practice.
Could you comment on the two manufacturing qualities:

  • eTakuma : 6490€, shipping this May for early bookers, …
  • Waviator 9900€, shipping soon but when ?

What would you say about the eTakuma ? Can you post some pict ? Did you try it ?
How is the remote ?

Do you confirm that the Waviator is a rebranded Hisun product (Chinese) ?.. 80mm outrunner motor …


Hopefully will be there for vacation the first week of june , if available i will rent the e-takuma

Great, you might also be able to test this one made in Perpignan, south of France:

we fly every days now :wink:

chris from PWRFoil

@Alexandre If you come in June I am afraid you have no choice but share a beer with my son Axel and me :slight_smile: If your e-foil has a 2-rail mount, bring it, that way you can test my son’s foil, theorically taking you out of the water at 3mph (Huge and brand new Gong XXL)

@SoEFoil , Regarding a few pics, here you go

I could not try any of the boards.

Visually, the Waviator looks like a more finished / robust product, even if this is a larger motor, larger duct, etc… I would say it looked more bullet-proof, more straight- forward ( no gearbox), board hatch also looks more waterproof board than the E-takuma. The foil shape seems to allow for easier turns due to its shape, but also for a faster speed if available. Bastian is a German engineer who seems to know his stuff inside out. I think I understood 8S motor, and 200amps ESC, with a lower amps fuse… The new board, wooden-deck-like, is absolutely gorgeous !

Now obviously the e-takuma foil itself is obviously famous worldwide for being very versatile. But the board really looked like a prototype - maybe it was. For instance, I could not see any magnetic switch… Way smaller motor though, 5-blade prop, switch very well put inside a beautiful plastic box, as shown on the picture. The board has a passive aluminium plate beneath.

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Youtube video, with the e-takuma at 0:16 . E-surfing at quite a nice speed !