Foil without the board or mast in the ocean. How will it act?

Say your foil doesn’t have a mast or a board. Just the front wing, fuselage, and rear wing. Imagine it was all sealed off just like that.

If you were in the ocean and were trying to attempt to body surf waves and held the wing or fuselage what would the foil do?

Assuming you are jumping/swimming with the wave like you would when you are body surfing:

Would it just stall and not move due to your weight and drag? Would you have to hold on with it in front of you because it is lifted towards the beach with the wave and it pulls you? Or would you have to hold it straight down below you in order to move forward with the wave as if your arm was the mast and your body the board? Or is there another option I’m not considering?

I think it would be cool to be able to body surf with a foil as a way to angle your direction which would angle better than a boogie board.

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It’s a weird thought experiment, but I think you would just get the same benefit from a wing attached to a mast and board: it would glide and lift.