Foilers Code Of Etiquette

Ok Chuck, guys, here’s your chance. Let’s write up some guidelines and keep us all from getting thrown out of the lineup. :rofl:

yield to everybody …always…

I watched these guys a year ago. Pretty informative from some pros:

heeeeey i watched that one too!..helped a lot!..and all the other BluePlanet videos :grinning:

I watched the entire 1 hour. Long but has great beginner info. Simple stuff that a beginner would not necessarily think of. But the first part about being safe so as not to be banned from spots is most important.

Oh and the video of the guy almost getting mowed over by his foil is note worthy. I think that’s how I bonked my noggin. 5 staples but worse 10 days out of the water.

I’ve found myself in crowded line-ups at the take-off spot from time to time. I can usually catch just about anything coming through, so I usually wait for one that nobody else wants and ALWAYS wait until I have at least a 45+deg wide and 100ft long window ahead of me with nobody in the water. I never ever want to get caught heading into a wave with someone paddling back out anywhere near me. The surfers are always paddling out right in the foil sweet spot (shoulder) and they have no idea how to predict where us foilers are going.

I can get enough waves so if someone wants to paddle for the wave in front of me, I always yell out for them to go for it even if I have position. Do that several times per session and people notice the good will.

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised that the handful of times someone starts giving me lip for being on a foil - other people have stuck up for me. Honestly, I get a hell of a lot more goodwill than I ever got on a SUP at the same breaks. You gotta have thick skin to ride a SUP at a surf break, but so far the majority of people want to strike up a friendly conversation about how it works.