FoilGun F63 CGN - easy mod for cheap $35 remote

Hey everyone! I am a builder form Cologne, Germany!

I just designed a remote case for the cheap $35 remote (
The remote is quite cheap and you can make it really waterproof because there are no physical switches.

I wanted to have the index finger to control the gas because I am used to that from my old rc cars and rc boats. Furthermore I did liked the feeling of the thumb gas of the control. I think my hands are to big or I am not really use to it. The case is so big that a 18650 battery fits in the handle and the hole remote can still swim and will not sink like the old one does.


new case

Logo inspired by the old german gun company Walther, who is making the P99 for the german police.
I don’t really like guns, but I think it make it look a bit more funny :smile:

Soon I will make a little instruction and upload the files, so everyone can upgrade if there are wanting to!:slight_smile:


How do you make it 100% waterproof? The trigger and switch part, do you have a good solution for that?

You put the hole modul in epoxy. There is not need that the case is waterproof. The triger and switch part is working through a magnet.

I designed a case where you can cast the modul with resin.
The modul is already coated with resin but just to be sure! :slight_smile:

were you able to use this remote ok? I found the throttle response was so bad it made riding almost impossible.

I have no problems with it. It tested it with a servo and it was quite quick.

I have the same remote. I potted it with some epoxy and it still seems to be working.

The biggest issue is the reception is terrible. Made it manageable buy cutting off the pcb antenna and putting a better antenna on there. On the receiver I extended it quite a bit so it has a much better chance of not getting covered by water or blocked by my body. The other big issue I had is there is a glitch in the signal at around 50% throttle( with the throttle expo I have set up to make it more linear), not exactly sure what pwm numbers that is. It glitches to full throttle and back. Above and below that on the stick is fine. I saw another person on the form with the same issue.

I also have 2 of these remotes, I think they are fine, but what I did have a few times was that at riding at maybe 60% throttle, there was a small moment of going off for 0,1 sec and on. one time this small moment of going off made me fall forward and the front wing hit me hard at my leg. A really blue leg I got. So that made me a little afraid because it could have hit my head also.

Also about having a steady throttle, I use the top of my thumb to ramp up the throttle and the lower part of my thumb I press the slide from the throttle so not every wave will adjust my throttle. Now I can ride with stable throttle while standing or sitting at the board.

Building a gun model would be nice too.

I opened up mine and just sprayed it with corrosion X, why need to epoxy it ?

Glad to hear the corrosion x worked well. I had the epoxied it as well. For me, it was right there and easy enough to pour some in, make a little mess, and wait a day. Seems to have held up so far (at least for a couple weeks since I got my board done). I just poured mine in the case.

I placed an order for this remote control:
It looks very much like yours.
Do you know if this remote is failsafe?
Thank you

Mine looks identical except it didn’t come with a real external antenna, just the PCB one. I soldered on my own external antenna.

Probably similar with not great range and the weird glitch at 1/2 throttle, but works well enough to get out there.

For a glitch free remote, there is the esk8 Maytech currently on sale with 65usd. Needs some waterproofing though