Foilman's Cheater Flite Build

Hello everyone. Here’s my plan and questions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I initally planned on building a full custom Efoil but came across these flite and waydoo parts.

Fliteboard Gen 1
Flitebox VESC
Flite controller
Battery TBD
Waydoo Motor

Can the waydoo motor be paired with the flite electronics? Is the flitebox reprogramable to meet the waydoo motor specs.
Below are the specs for waydoo and flite motors. Voltage is the same. Watts are similar but slightly lower on the flight setup. The RPM is different.

Both Batterys 58.8V

Flite Continuous Discharge Current 100a

Flite Input power 5,000 Watts, Waydoo Input 6000 Watts

Flite Motor Speed 4650 rpm Propeller peak, Waydoo Motor Speed: 6000RPM


I dont know if you will be able to run the waydoo motor on the Flitebox controller, as you might not be able to set the controller parameters correctly. Maybe better to get another VESC.

Nevertheless, I would suggest to name that board Frankenstein.


Why on earth would you choose to run the Waydoo motor?
It would make more sense to ask someone here to build a up a motor and mast unit for you.

At the moment I am not 100% commited to this set up. I got the board and controller as a package deal and came across a really cheap waydoo motor. I can also get the flitebox for a few hundred dollars. If the flitebox is not programmable then not a good fit to pair with a waydoo motor or even an aftermarket motor.

My thought is using the remote I have saves a couple hundred dollars and has good features if used with a flite box.

Are the waydoo motors underpowered or low quality?

I am open to any suggestions

Original build specs:
Flipsky 65161 120KV
Flipsky 300A water cooled ESC
Maytech Remote

The Flitebox should be programable and is the APD HV14S or HV16S from what I understand. It should be fine with the 65161 motor. Where are you able to get it?

Battery can be custom built which should be easy…

Jezza, Thank you very much for your help. The guy i bought the board from has the flitebox laying around and is willing to sell me.

Is the flitebox programable with the “VESC” software?
For the custom battery will it be hard to add the 5 pin connector to communicate with the flitebox?
Any reason for not using the waydoo motor?

The fliteboxbos not a vesc so that software won’t work.

APD drives manufacturers it so their software should work I would think.

Cons to the waydoo motor? You didn’t seem happy about that selection

In terms of cons, I can’t say too much other than that it runs slower than the 65161 120Kv on the same voltage. That would make me think its just not as good.
The other obvious side is you would be limited to the waydoo foils which are not near the quality of the other brands foils.