For SALE: CHEAP efoil parts (ESC, foil wingset, remote, board)

Hello all,

I’m currently looking to liquidate my inventory of unused parts as my current set up has been performing very reliably! I’m selling a very lightly used Flier 400a ESC 22s waterproof. It comes with the computer cable to program it. A great choice for a first build

I also have a Flipsky VX1 remote! I’ve used in once on the water with a condom. It works great and it has a cruise control function!

As for the wingsets, I’m selling one brand new impulse wingsets and carbon fuselage. However, this impulse wingset is a DIY project as the front wing is faulty and will split along the leading edge if not reinforced beforehand. All you’d have to do is sand off the leading edge and add 2 layers of CF or S glass to reinforce it. The impulse wingset offers great all round performance for an efoil and it is very efficient compared to the rocket V2.

Finally, I’m currently building a new board from scratch so my first board is now up for sale. It has an integrated 100% waterproof compartment and it is build to last!

I live in Miami, Florida and I am open to ship overseas if needed! If you have any questions about any of the items listed above, please do not hesitate to contact me privately or leave a question below and I’ll answer! These items are great options if you are on a budget! It will go fast :blush:

Hi,how much for wingset

I sent you a private message :blush:

Everything is sold! Thanks to everyone!