For Sale - Complete Direct drive 80100 + Foil Unit



because i am going inrunner for safety reason i am selling my complete working foil unit
-Carbon Fiber / Aluminium Foil
-APS 80100 Motor 100Kv

The motor was prepared for water :

  • Epoxied stator and rotor
  • Magnet gaps filled
  • Stainless steel bearing
  • Shaft latted down to 10mm with thread at the end
  • 8 Awg cable length approx 50 cm crimped copper tube at the end.

The outside of the motor and the mast clamp is epoxied with a finishing epoxy.

Tested approx 3-4 hours in pure water (not in salt water)

Foil, copy of famous a foil kitefoil made of aluminium + carbon fiber, i painted it but it is not really beautiful on the mast and fuselage (wings are nice), maybe need a new paint but it is working great. I repaired an edge with carbone fiber it was broken in the initial delivery (about 2cmx1cm)

Prop, custom 3D printed PLA (epoxied too) prop 5"6" top speed about 30kmh. Can give an aluminium prop 7.5" 5". I think that motor can easily reach 35KM/h with a better aluminium prop.

Killing price 800€, it cost me about 1000€ (i killed the first motor with rust and got to pay a second one)

And a pic before epoxy clear coating and alloy prop

Hello did you run it on 12s? What is the current?

Hi always 12S with VESC 6 maxed at 90Amp

Hey Bender what are the safety reasons you are going to use an inrunner?

It is easier to duct with an inrunner

Ah okay for protecting your self ?

Or anybody else :slight_smile:

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I can be interested. Where are you located. i am un montpellier
Contact by PM message if you want




I am interested you can email me on