For sale - full set (without a board)

hi )

I will sell a complete set for efoil,
the details (except for the mast) were fonts from the artfoil company (
the charge is enough for 1.5-2 hours of riding, the speed is 30 km/h
specifically my details were not in the water, but dozens of boards are flying all over the country from exactly the same parts

battery 60a 12s, box size 41 x 31 x 7,5cm, waterproof

foils large, carbon fiber, stable fly, easy steer

mast 80cm, aluminum

waterproofed box with connectors for wires

Flipsky FSESC 200A 60V controller

Mast bracket aluminum
Motor bracket plastic, with water intake

Artfoil remote control (waterproof and does not sink, supports wireless charging) + radio module assembly for controlling the controller (lol)

Hgltech 65162 120kv motor with propeller and fairing

Pump for cooling the controller

waterproof box for electronics with connectors

I’m selling it because I found another hobby
total weight 21,5kg
price 2000$, + delivery from Russia, the city of Krasnodar
if you are interested, write to me: whatsapp +79883620551, telegram @dmitryveter, or