For sale, full working E-foil

Hi all,

Lately I find myself using a lot my diy foil assist and not so much my efoil so putting it up for sale.

Kit is compromised of:
-Custom full carbon board 133 x 60 cm with waterproof compartment and compression latches
-Flipsky 200a 60v (good for 12s)
-Flipsky 65161 100kv
-Custom battery 12s12p out of samsung cells on a waterproof fiberglass casing
-12s balance charger
-Maytech remote with extra waterproofing
-Gong foil
-Extended antenna running up to the front of the casing

This setup works really well with good autonomy. Board is on the small side so you’d need to have a good balance or previous experience.

Esc is water cooled without the need of pump, just through pressure keeping the whole setup very cool.

Based in the east of Spain but happy to look for shipping options.

Initial price toughts about 3200euros.

Any interest, let me know.




How much are you asking for ?

Edited now.

3200 euros.



Hi Jordi, I am Interested but just want to check if you know whether the battery may be allowed to be shipped to germany ?

Hi Miguel,

I suspect theremust be a way to ship this if is ground transport but will have to look into it deeper if really interested.


Hi Jordi
Im interested, 2 concerns though:

  • never done Efoiling before so willing to start learning with this, thoughts?
  • shipping to Bahrain where I reside, can you check the possibility, lead-time and cost?

Hi Jordi thanks for this info. I am genuinely interested and would love to look into it, I am Berlin based and would love it if we could consider the next steps on this please.

Hi Agmed,

I would strongly suggest you start learning on a bigger board. This will allow you to get the balance and feel for the foil while still being able to float your weight. This board is quite small and you’ll need quite a good balance to learn on it.

Willing to ship the efoil but being realistic would be much easier to do so within Europe.


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Fully understand Jordi, good luck Miguel…

Hi Jordi,
two more questions:
How do you balance the battery? I do not see the balance cable coming out of the battery housing - but I suppose you balance while charging with the iCharger?
Did you fill the motor with Oil or Corrosion X? Bearings still ok?

Hi Arne,

If you look closely on the 5th pic, you’d see there’s a cap on the left hand side of the battery. This is a waterproof connector for for the balance port.

Motor has not been filled with corrosion X, bearing are nice and smooth so I’d prefer to keep the seal for as long as possible.


Hola Jordi :wave:
Greetings from south France
Interested with your offer, u r near Barcelona?
I can come and pick up in case if u r not too far :sweat_smile:

Hi Atilla,

I’m based in Alicante but I go very often to Valencia (3h south of Barcelona).

I’m away on a trip and will be contacting the interested people once I get back on Tuesday as they’ve contacted me.


Hi Jordi,

I’ve just seen your post and am interested in the board you have for sale.

I’m in Alicante too so would be able to collect not problem!

Do you have any videos of the board in action?

I can’t see a way to message you but have just joined the forum to reply so it could be that. Feel free to drop me a PM and we can discuss further.

Many Thanks,

Bump, still for sale if anyone interested.

Is it still available?

Hi Jordi,
Can you tell me where you got the waterproof fiberglass casing for your battery? Thanks!

Hi there,

Yes still available, send me a private for mere details!


@3rd_ave_Lien sure!

The battery case is custom fiberglass. I moulded it using some melamine for the bottom/sides along with some 3d printed parts.

Top is just some methacrylate cut to size.


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Hi, I find no private here, so please email with details: