For Sale: Gong Foil and Flipsky Motor - brand new

I am selling my brand new foil and flipsky motor. Having to put the project on hold so selling:
-Gong Allvator M with 90 cm mast. $599 + shipping
-Flipsky 61651 120KV moto. $325 + shipping

If you are considering buying either of these parts anyway, it would really help me out to buy them from me! Never been used and a discount on both products, and ships right away in the United States!

Message me if you are interested. Thanks

Update: Have sold the foil but the Flipsky motor is still available. it is a 65161 Flipsky 120 KV

I’ll buy the motor 808 2642776

Will drop price to $305+ shipping for motor if anyone is interested. Need to pay for wedding haha