For Sale optimized wing for efoil

i am selling my RL foil wing + fuselage+ back wing.
State 9/10 (minor little scratches and back wing has in 1mm crack on the leading edge .
We made a third hole in the fuselage to fit chinese carbon fiber masts
The foil is foiling with so little consumption that is crazy i can foil nearly one hour with 20Ah, we foiled about 15 sessions with it.

i paid around 370€ out vat
i sell it 290€ out vat + shipping (France)

Specs :
i can do 19-20 km/h at 19,2Amperes wich is 860watts !
I can go 28km/h with about 1800w

This can lead to 36km autonomy with 35Ah battery
45V* 35Ah / (average km consumption 43wh/km) = 36km

We sell it because this foil is a bit technical for the beginner (not that dificult) but we prefer a larger wing to help beginners.