For Sale: Quick Start Kit for Pacificmeister Build

If anyone is looking for a quick start kit to build their own efoil here are most of the parts that will save you 4-8 weeks waiting on parts and save you money at the same time. All parts are NEW and UN-USED other than the motor which I have used a few times with another application.

  • Marine water-cooled Yep 120A ESC with programming card
  • Neugart PLE040 5:1 reduction gear
  • 56114 550kv motor
  • shaft seals, bolts, washers, prop pins
  • Three 3D printed parts internal parts already completed
  • XT90 connectors

Retail Value + Shipping costs $800 USD

I would like $550 + shipping (Get these parts in a few days Plus Save $$$)

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I would like to order. How can we do a follow up?

I just need your address I can get you both shipping rates, slow and affordable or air mail. Then you can send funds.

what is your address themakerman :slight_smile:

Ok just PM’d you :).

Is it by any chance not sold? :slight_smile:

I private messaged you!

Same here. Want to buy some time …:slight_smile:
Let me know how we can arrange.

All the parts are sold guys sorry.