Fr 2019 motor system

:arrow_right: Hello everyone if ho need realy HIGH QUALITY motor system for your EFOIL :heart_eyes:

for MEMBER -5% discaunt :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this a direct drive setup or geared?

is that you who took all the chief gearboxes?:thinking::grinning:

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Hi, Direct (custom made) :grinning:


Hi, i have go on direkt, becuse bether fieling when you fliying :grinning:



Where do we get more details? Like price, specs, whatโ€™s included and how to order. Any videos of it in action?


So, in 2019, we will have (at least) 2 brands selling custom direct drive motors (LIFT and FR). Hopefully should be a matter of months before we find them on the shelf for DiYers :wink:


We have now wings special for EFOILS you buy wing and geht GRATIS adapter for your MAST


Are you selling the whole plane (F wing, fuselage, rear wing) which explains why you need to sell the mast adapter with the set ?

Yes that its coreqt :hugs::surfing_man:โ€โ™‚:dash:

What exactly is included in the motor system?


+1,2m CABLES :slight_smile:

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Been there.
Only pictures exist and send inquiry link.

I have sent for an inquiry with no response yet.

Pictures dont say or show much.
I have thought asking here would get me more informed readily for purchase.

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I would also be interested in technical data before I buy this.

:arrow_right: hi we will send you ewrithing in PM :wink:


Hello Flying_Rodeo

Your product looks amazing BUT there are no specs or details on what you get if i / others wanted to purchase your mast and motor combo on your web page.

i am about to start building my own e-foil board build but would really like to find out more about your " Motor system with mast and mast plate"

as im sure it will save a lot of time and be good quality. I have submitted 2 separate inquiries on your web page but got no response yet.

Could you please explain whatโ€™s included as im sure others would be interested as well.

Also your boards look nice but i would love to see some images of them / compartments to see what room i have to fit my electrical equipment.

i look forward to your info.

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Hi mr. rcjetman :slight_smile:

we are really sorry to hear that :frowning: we doing all we can :slight_smile:

abaut motor system:

motor its realy high quality custom made to hit more than 55km/h (scary but you can push the limit)

  • Operating voltage (12s-14s)
  • 14S batery racing duct (55km/h)
  • max power 5500W
  • lenght of mast 76cm
  • option water cooled through mast or without
  • HIGH QUALITY wire (lenght 1,2m/ 0,5m looking out of the mast)
  • each part has Hard elox (surface treatment) the best protection abaut see water and sand
  • one year warenty on FLYING RODE PARTS

(we can delivery also only motor with diferent option to maunting on SLINGSHOT or LIQUID FORCE MAST)

*ouer goll its not mass production but made high quality parts to push your limits :slight_smile:

FLY save guys :slight_smile:

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  • riderโ€™s weight at 55 km / h
  • (at 55 km / h) with no wind, wind, wind in the back
  • thrust in kg at nominal engine speed
  • Overall efficiency in g/W (kg/Watt) at nominal engine speed
  • riderโ€™s weight at 55 km / h
    70kg ( kg, its importent but importent ar alsoe wing and DUCT)

  • (at 55 km / h) with no wind, wind, wind in the back
    no wind, and small wing

  • thrust in kg at nominal engine speed
    not measure yet

  • Overall efficiency in g/W (kg/Watt) at nominal engine speed
    2000-2500W (depend of wing , rider, and duct)

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