Fr 2019 motor system

Very nice board man… i love
And nice All Star :wink::joy:

you buy POKER BOARD and ALLSTAR ar for freee :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::star_struck:


I have a Flying rodeo set up and I love it. The boards are the perfect size for agility and carving. Bigger boards are fun but not great at performing tight turns. David’s motors and propellers are very efficient for a direct drive. I am only pulling just under 40 amps at 30 kph. I am planning to order another one for my wife. Well done Flying Rodeo.


@Flying_Rodeo Nice looking board… Can we see a picture of the top of the board with the hatch open? Or has it changed from the picture in 2017?



Thank you :relaxed:

same like this:

ewrithing full carbon :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I for one, there are plenty of things I would be willing to do with a SW file (eg STL) and with the SW applications that I master but I would not necessarily spend 200 USD if it is not the right time frame :neutral_face:. What I like on this forum is the diversity of profiles.

@Dynamik, while waiting for someone (could be @Flying_Rodeo :wink:) to submit the .stl file of a propeller that works well, could you write a table with coments or improvements regarding the list below which made the creation of this forum possible … Then we know that a 3D printed propellers bends at high rpm which is detrimental to the efficiency, creates slip, etc… . Could you suggest some recommendations (thickening the blade roots maybe ?) that lessens this effect without loosing too much on global efficiency ?

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Whats so diverse about him playing side B of the same cassette all the time?

Some people buy and assemble parts, some people optimize them without buying them …:flushed:

Now he has a micro task which has never happened before. Will he be up to this one ?

Now he has no excuses!

Well i woke up this morning to see this and a tracking number.:smiley:

Can’t wait to get these both up and running.


Count me in. I will buy 1 FR board. Can I have just black?

Which mast is that? Is it an axis?

yer its 2 x 75 cm axis masts.

FR custom machined a base plate AND molded the new mast profile parts for me.

super excited to get them.

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Do you make a Cabrinah mast adapter?


For now we have:

-Liquid force


Which ESC are you going to connect to these motors ?

I have a 300 amp 15s sawdfish rd boat controller ( I thinks thats the name ) from a big boat I used to race so I will re use that. Although I think it will be overkill for my needs but may as well use it.

Plan to run 12 s at the start and see how it performs.

@rcjetman I the same, but not yet tested

That is awesome. You will not be disappointed. I have a blast riding my flying rodeo set up. Good decision.

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I’m hoping you can help, I am liking your duct rev3 but when I download it it is only 4KB. How is this file accessible? Also what are the dimensions and specs?