[Fred] Another build from France


I will send more details if it is not a submariner ;=)…will try it soon!


Wow, that’s funky and really neat Fred.
How did you come up or get that motor casing? Aluminum?
Your font wing, was it broken and you repaired it? It has a unique look and its an interesting fix. Nice job!

Good luck, looking forward to more details!

Hello Fred, excellent ton travail, bravo. Tu es de quelle région si ce n’est pas indiscret (je suis en Vendée)?

Hi Vefoil, thanks!
I ve designed the case with solidworks, and printed the case in resin with form2, then painted.
If it works well, i will make a V2 in aluminium but for now, resin is ok.
For the wing i have designed my own stuff based on Takura wing.
Original wings are too expensive…especially wings for sup like the takura…
I printed it in several parts, assembled with screw, and solidiphy with resin and glass paper.
It is hand made, but looks ok…if it works i will make a mold, will be better…
I milled the fuselage in aluminium anodized and i use an fone back wing (not so expensive and very good…in carbon).
Mast is from slingshots, i printed the turtle box converter to adapt the slingshot mast to my board.
Now, let see if can survive to the first try…;=)

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salut hotwireaddict, merci pour ton message, je suis sur toulouse (a partir de sept sur biscarosse j’espere ;=) ).
Sympa la vendée, super spot!

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What battery and ESC are you using? Your electronic boxes look tiny!

i know you don’t use the f-one mast, but do you know is in the f-one mast alu enough space for cable?

I will try it with 38v, should be ok…will see

sorry i do not know that…slingshot is not super space inside, but that’s ok…

Frederic, were you able to “STL” the Takuma ? Would you have it in any 3D format please ?

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i do not have the real 3D, i just draw my own stuff based on Takura’s photos.
I could 3D scan it, but i do not know someone who has this foil…

OK thanks Fred. Any idea about what the middle and tip profiles most likely are ?

Wing looks fancy;-):ok_hand:
Why is the motor housing so big? Did you use outrunner?
Give us an update as soon as you tested it;-)

Here is first try https://youtu.be/K_tp68788_4
Not bad, but not enough power for riding it (86kg)
I think i will move from 10s to 12s and i will move the mast more in the middle of the board (location is not good). I will also try different propeller sizes…
I do not have propeller diffuser, so maybe i miss power…i will add one.

Yes i made an housing for a 63mm that"s why it is big.
For now i use a 56mm, but i think to test the 63mm soon or later.

Phil, i will try to have a takuma in hand, for now, i just extracted the profiles from takuma’s photos found on internet ;=).


Thanks Just! I did some tries with new stuff, look very promising…i will post some pics asap.
It is the airush monaro, great board ;=)

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I just picked one up plenty of space in the f-one mast

New version released!
Is there anybody here who wants to launch commercialization with me?!
Send private message.


cool right :crazy_face:?

Hi! Which version of the Airush do you have? I’ve tried 2 versions, one is too small and the othe one works great but too big is annoying to carry.

Here we go! start to lift!!
Some points need to be improved:

  • ESC starts is too agressive
  • ESC is hot…not cooled enough
  • try new wings home made in carbon
  • lost the back wing in the lake…;=)