Free stuff Motor, gearbox, mast, foils

I have been inactive for awhile. I have a foil with motor, gearbox and a propeller that was once working. It sat, I just tried to turn the prop and its frozen. I do not know what the water got into but I am no longer experimenting with this stuff so if somebody wants to drop by and grab it, its your for free. The mast and foils are at least a good start for somebody. I don’t anticipate a lot of response but if more than one person is interested it will be first come first serve. Its located in my workshop in San Carlos, Ca. I tend to be here the first half of most days. Please text me at 650 516 7276 if interested. doug


Really generous from you ! Unfortunately, the plane ticket is a bit excessive at the moment. Too bad !

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I will definitely take it if it’s still available.

Items have been taken and sound like they will be put to good use, thanks everyone…

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Hi Doug. Just texted you. I am in Santa Cruz, CA and would love to come get this stuff this weekend.