Freerchobby esc 160A vs Flipsky 60V200A

Hello what would you guys bought if you have offer to buy ony of those two for 150? (Friend is selling).
Flipskys (Wasser Gekühlt Gehäuse Hohe Strom FSESC 200A 60V basis auf VESC6 E roller/skateboard Elektro Speed Controller flipsky|Skate Board| - AliExpress)
Freerchobby (IP68 waterproof and watercooling 8-16s 160A ESC for Jetboard efoil pro – Dongguan Freerchobby Co.,Ltd)

Has anyonr bought freerchobby one? How is it?

Br Luka

The 148usd FOC ESC is looking good,
Stated IP67, 8-14s 150/180A but need more info

The 160a Freerchobby one. Someone’s gotta take the jump and test it.

Problem is there is no 160A in the current black 14s range which is declared waterproof btw:

But the initial post wasn’t talking about these. Also why does waterproofing matter for the ESC itself. If it’s not waterproof, then just place it in a waterproof box.

True, I was not talking about waterproofness…

Because you were suggesting it was the 160A FreeRCHobby ESC which doesn’t exist in their 14s range on their site… therefore my picture…

Ok sure, but I dont know what you want to tell me with this. If its not waterproof ok, but I was asking about comparison to flipsky…

Thank you for your help!
BR Luka

The link that was posted takes you to this:

Looks 160A to me… And its also waterproof…

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The problem is the Flipsky is running on more than 50-100 efoils throughout the world, and their owner is pleased because its a VESC which is delivered with a nice toolbox. One of its important feature is current limiting (battery + motor).
The freeRChobby is new so totally unknowned here. Therefore Jezza’s remark. The good points are: it’s cheap, 14s, 180A peak current, watercooled, simple + ready to use so fine for an efoil use… in theory. It would be perfect if it had current limiting.

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It needs to have current control/current limiting to achive FOC.

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If you scroll down, you’ll find some specs: IP68 waterproof and watercooling 8-16s 160A ESC for Jetboard efoil pro – Dongguan Freerchobby Co.,Ltd

Found the same one just diffrent branding (alixpress blurded it)

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