Freerchobby shop: expiriences

Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone has any expiriences with shop. I heard very bad reviews about costumer support, but lets hope I wont need it. I am planning on buying their 66160 motor (66160 100KV Sensorless Waterproof Brushless inrunner motor for efoil e – Dongguan Freerchobby Co.,Ltd), so I just wanted to make sure I will receive the item I will bought, so they wont really scam me…
Thanks for anyone who will share his expirience.with!

BR Luka

If you are afraid that you will get two kilograms of stones, then you don’t have to worry, you really will get a motor. They will send it in two or three weeks. The support is really bad, so don’t ask them when they send the package, just wait.