French build born in [LYON]

My hatch is also not waterproof, everything was In waterproof bags, to be improved.

My biggest problem was ‘seaweed’, a nightmare for the foil and proppler,
First time in summer in ‘’ le grand large’’, and the last.

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Good idea, I will follow your advice with Eva pad

I add another EPDM rubber seal, but have trouble to close properly the door and still not waterproof. 2 others boxes, acrylic and alu are 100% waterproof. I thinking to add a water pump to remove the water going in. Any others solutions ?, my next board will use a waterproof plastic box (PELLICAN style).

last ride :

far from 2018 begin :


Morning ride : 9.5km
Same battery, ride at 15km/h to 19km/h to extend autonomy


Where was it , this looks nice !

Monteynard lac, close to Grenoble, perfect for efoil (but windy)

Years ago I had problems too with that hatch. Then I removed the original rubber and glued this in.

€ 0,89 20%OFF | 4mm x 6mm Latex 1 M Elasticiteit Buis Vissen Tastte Touw Slingshot Latex Fitness CrossFit Bands 4060 jacht Accessoires

Worked perfectly.

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Thanks, I just ordered 3m

I m trying to create my own gasket
Silicone bed placed in 3d printed part

Actually I m also placing batteries in waterproof bags

Both its work, but really interested with your solution


Lesson of the day:
Gong mast is not that much strong, if you fall on the board it can bend:

But good news:
You can bent it back with your nees,
My fixation is more strong than the mast


Oups, sorry … It might be my fault … any way takuma mast fit for 149€ on order

Sorry about that. That’s the reason why some people prefer the Axis mast with thicker wall thickness tailored for SUPfoiling.
You have RLfoil offering since July 2019 a mast with thicker wall thicknes for their WindFoils. Got a pict somewhere showing the neat difference.

that is me @Alexandre who have just the RLfoil wing and fuselage, not the mast (i drill it for the takuma hole)

Here are the aluminium mast widths (x chords), there is no miracle.
Axis: 18.85mm x 109.1mm
RL Wind: 15mm x 115mm, wall thickn 3.5 to 4mm
Mantafoils / RL Kite: 12.61 x 107 mm, wall thickn 2.7mm
Gong Foil: 14.7 x 109.5mm, wall thickn 2.30mm (Thanks Manu below)
Surprisingly, the RL Wind mast is not much thicker than the Gong.

I would be interested to know:
Takuma Chord, mast thickness and Wall thickness:

After measurement the thickness of the wall of the GONG ALLVATOR mast is 2.30 mm

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Takuma vs gong

+0.1mm at least


Would you have the Takuma mast+chord+wall thickness dimensions with a caliper ? Is it a 40mm screw spacing like the Gong one ?
Swap test: does the Takuma mast fit into the Gong fuselage ?

Same size as the gong , just a little harder to take off , wall are around 2,4mm
Same bolts