Frontside white water top turn - keep falling backward

I’m getting out in front of the wave, for the bottom turn, then trying to make an agressive top turn like a snap -

Once the board gets to the top/hits the white water and is now in a heelside turn, I can’t then get the foil back under the board and I just end up falling onto my back.

When I’ve try a less aggressive heelside turn, I’m doing the taco (so far luckily have not hit my foil! )

Other than keep trying… any tips?

What front wing are you riding?

I don’t try them on High aspect wings. In my opinion the HA wings are to wide of a wingspan to hit white water on. To scary for me without straps. On my AXIS 760 I can do it though. 30 Inch wingspan.

Dropping your butt to the deck helps a lot. Plus it get’s your back hand near the rail so you can grab the rail and push it down if necessary.

I’ve noticed a bit of a delay in the turn too. Waiting for the wing to get to the power source. If I do the turn to early then the wing is to high up and the white water hits the wing and I fly over high side. So I go up and then delay for a half second, then the wing helps me come around smoothly.

Oh you’re on GoFoil’s I think, and a SUP. It’s a very back foot weighted turn. I kinda Yaw it around and that pulls me back up on top.

From that vid - Yaw is the ticket. I’ve been thinking of it like a rail turn on a SUP… now I see why I’m doing them fairly well on my heelside - I’m not carving those but using the spin/yaw.

Heelide - you can more easily twist your shoulders and hips because you are looking down towards your back shoulder.

Toeside you have to look over your front shoulder and the twist is more awkward.

I am SUP go foil GL, probably that 180 is too big, but the GL 140 should work… we’ll see about the nl 160 once I get my hands on one :slight_smile:

yeah the GL180 is way big forbanything over waist high whitewater…and its quick snap at the top like just a pivot…NOT a turn and certainly not a carve with a high aspect…that sucker will ger all squirrely and wierd in the foam every time