FSESC 75200 issue: full throttle after FAULT

The ESC runs maximum Duty Cycle after FAULT CODE. Please look videos:
(Max Duty is set to 95% in the settings)

What fault is it giving you?


Could it be low voltage throttling?

Yes, it is.
The problem is not the fault, but the full throttle after the fault. It is dangerous.
By “full throttle” I do not mean throttling and stopping, but rather accelerating at full power.

Does it stay full throttle even if you let go of the remote trigger?

No. It stays at full throttle until I go to 0% on the remote control. At all other values, it remains at full throttle.

If you make sure the undervoltage condition never happens then is it ok? Why are you getting undervoltage in the first place?

I have the same hardware and rode over 150 sessions and never ran into an underevoltage fault.

Did you contact flipsky support yet?

I cannot guarantee that another malfunction will not occur.

I did this specifically to check what would happen if a fault occurs while using the efoil.


Seems like a bug for sure. I would email them with that video link you shared.

If you have undervoltage and then it does what you say that could be a firmware bug. In that fault case the vesc should just go into limp mode or just stop altogether. I wonder if there are some settings you did that makes it vulnerable to this. I’m still using the old firmware and have had no weird things at all and my buddy ok too.