FSESC75200 vs FSESC 200A 60V

Hi! I’m building an Efoil with the flipsky 65161 120kv motor and a 12s12p battery pack made with 18650 samsung 30q cells. I have to decide which esc. to purchase, any recommendations? I’ve seen other people have problems with the FSESC75200, has flipsky fixed the issue?



Be aware of Flipsky quality. This June I bought second FSESC 200A 60V. It came faulty (one of the motor leads shorted to supply+). Unfortunately i tested it too late. Banggood connected to Flipsky but they refused to replace it because ticket was open 2 days after 1 month warranty. The first drive I bought last year works but was overheated often. I had to open cooling chamber (it was a challenge by itself) .See picture. Ok, I cleaned cooling chamber and I can replace faulty FET., but time I lost I would better spend riding. So, be ready for surprises

or buy something of better quality. You know, what I mean :wink:

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What ESC are you using? would you recommend it?

I am still using FSESC 200A 60V.
It is good enough for my setup APS63100 outrunner and 12s10p battery.

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I use this one, passivley cooled on a heat sink: https://firduo.com/products/hgltech-hi200-75v-200a-esc-base-on-vesc-for-e-foil-surfboard-hydrofoil
It works well with a 63100 outrunner (I know people who use it with a 65161 as well). It is not affected by the production issue with the wrong resistors, just got a new one recently and it works under load. If you need water cooling you could either add some external watercooling plates or get the much more expensive watercooled version from them.
I prefer the non watercooled version as you can easily disassemble it and look at the pcb. There are some quality issues sometimes like leftovers from soldering so it is better to check. The watercooled (and sealed) ones somtimes leak because of bad assebly, missing seals or loose pipe connectors. On the other hand they survive if they get some drops of water, whereas the normal ones die from a few drops of salt water. You get what you pay for. For better quality there is still Trampa 75300.

Discount code is “OFF10” if you order from firduo.

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I had issues with the Flipsky esc too, there is a complete topic about it. I am now suing a Makerx tech. (It looks very similar to the firduo) Although the wires seem thinner than the Flipsky, it works flawlessly so far.

This is exactly the same one as the firduo I referred to above. The 75V has IRF7759 FETs, I checked mine. Although written in the firduo product description, it is not IRF7769L2 but 7759 which makes sense as the caps are rated 80V anyways and the 7759 has a lower RDSon which results in lower power loss (less heat).