Fuse rating for assist battery pack

My build similar to FDA is underway with 100A esc, 8s3p Molicel P42A, 6384-KV130 motor. I’m using charge only BMS but would like to fuse discharge at the pack. Can anyone recommend a safe fuse rating that won’t melt? 125A too big? Anyone know what is used, if at all, on the stock pack?

What kind of BMS do you use?BMS is important, normally having BMS is enough . we make packs not use fuse .while should choose high-quality BMS

I would chose around 1.5x max Batt current for the fuse. 150A for 100A batt current max.

Using Daly BMS for charge only which doesn’t protect from short circuit on the discharge side hence the need for a fuse.

Hi @lieutenantglorp,
Question please about this method of charging using BMS:
You use a BMS for balance?
Why don’t you use a rc charger with balance included? In your case for 8s there are still many chargers available…