Gear Drive Direct to Hub Concept

Direct to rim, gear reduction 3:1

Feedback welcome on the potential pitfalls.


I’d make the leading edge of the large gear more aerodynamic

The first image was an illustration of the mechanics, a cowling supports the axle, protects the impeller and shields the flow.


That would be very interesting to see how it would turn out!

I’m wondering why not use a larger diameter motor. I’ve heard the motor windings should be the same diameter as the propeller. The added drag of the larger motor may be the same as all the extra drag created by the reduction drive.

The frontal area of the struts is 820 square millimeters. Using a cd of 0.3, Mecaflux calculates the drag at 25 Kph as 590 grams, 0.59 Kilos, and consuming 40 Watts, managable.


Nice! How is the belt access managed?

Replied under the belt drive concept post for continuity.