Gelcoat hot coat interrogation

Hello dear community :grinning:.

I wonder how to finish my board stratification for the best final look.

I have put 2 layers of fiberglass on the top and the bottom and 1 layer of pure epoxy to sand on it without damaging the fiberglass.

But now I have a lot of bubbles and bumps on the board. Maybe the foam wasn’t flat enough…

What is the best next move in your opinion ?

Put another red epoxy hot coat and sand it then polish it?
Or paint it with a paint spray and the put clear epoxy on top ?
Maybe just let the pait spray as it is without clear epoxy on it ?

Thanks in advance for the help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Sorry for my English)

If you want to fill the irregularities use phenolic micro ballon mixed with epoxy for fairing. Bondo is too heavy. Once sanded apply few coats of 2k epoxy or PU paint If you want something strong. If you want a glossy finish spray a clear coat over the paint.

Don’t use gel coat super hard to apply as a topcoat, gel coat is best used in mold.

Durepox from Resene is a really good epoxy paint, it is a primer but can be used as topcoat. It is used on race yacht, foils ect.

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