German Builders Here?

I am from North Germany and wouldn’t mind partnering up with somebody. I am a product design engineer and also have a CNC if anyone needs parts. We could pool our designs.


Hey Max,
thats awesome, I am from Hamburg! At the moment still in the planning phase, but it would be awesome to work together. Even if I am not planning a Hydrofoil but a surfboard.
Where are you from?



Hi Guys,

I am from Thuringia. I also plan to build an Efoil this winter. It should be a mixture of the Pacificmeister and the Peters Concept (Bavarian style). But I’m still in the brainstorming phase. Would be cool if you could exchange some ideas in German.

Beste Grüße

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I live near Fehmarn. Is either of you going for direct drive?

Stuttgart, South of Germany.

Ruhrpott, by Duisburg


Bochum, Ruhrpott. Still in Research. But looking at a directdrive concept

Hamburg as well. Building process (including surfboard, mast, etc. ) will start hopefully next week.

Same here. Not looking forward to messing with a gearbox. Especially since I saw some that broke.

Why are you not buying a wing? I don´t want to mess with it, so I am getting one from China, or here. The mast is easy to build though. We could share shipping on a wing.

I´m from Mainz and more a tryer and buyer,
wanting to get on an inflatable foilboard.

ich komm aus tübingen, halbe stunde von stuttgart entfernt :smiley:

Komme aus Ulm, studiere momentan (unter der Woche) in München.

Bald verfügbar ELEVATE first inflatable e-foil jet

Hi everyone!
I am from Hamburg and would also like to team up :slight_smile:


Lenni and I are also from Hamburg. We exchanged numbers.

Mülheim an der Ruhr :wink:

Dann sind wir fast Nachbarn, Dinslaken…

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Hallo, ich bin aus dem Norden Frankfurts.

Hallo, Grüße aus Heidelberg :wink: