German Meetup 2020


Due to some virus called „Corona“ (you maybe have heard of it) we had to cancle the last efoil-meetup @ „Bleilochtalsperre“ in Germany. In consequence of the new sanitary regulations it is currently tough to organize such an event.

Coincidentally a few efoilers and me decided to go to the same spot @Bleilochtalsperre at the very same weekend, June 26.-28.

So if some other will show up accidentally we wouldn’t send them away;)

Just ask if you have any Questions or come to our Telegram-Group.


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I am at home for sure ,:+1:


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Count me in!

Werde wohl auch kommen. Ist Strom vor Ort zum Laden?
Gruß Frank

Jup, den haben wir. Bis dahin

Hi Julian,
ich wäre gerne dabei - hast Du einen Tipp bzgl. Übernachten (Sa-So) - sollte ein Bett und keine Luftmatratze sein :sunglasses:

Hey Mike,
ich weiß nur das einer von uns im Hotel Seeblick übernachtet, die meisten sind mit Womo auf dem Campingplatz “Saalburg Bad” untergebracht. Letzterer wird vermutlich auch als Homebase und Startplatz dienen. Mehr kann ich dir dazu leider nicht sagen, schau einfach mal was du in der Gegend findest.
Als “offizieller Start” ist Sa, 11 Uhr am Strand der Speisegaststätte Strandcafe angedacht. Einige von uns werden aber sicher auch schon am Vorabend eine Runde drehen
Bis in 4 Wochen dann

Thank you all!


Great until:

Hi! Any chance of another meetup later in the summer, like end July?
Really need to go to Germany for beer stash fill-up anyway, corona is drying everything out…
Could not join in June, wife said OK, but Danish border said no way…
Bitte noch einmal später!
Oder vielleicht vollen sie zum Schweden kommen, kein efoil reglierung oder Polizei :slight_smile:


Really, would you tell us more ?

Did anybody have the opportunity to test @JetboardCologne board and maybe test his Bic windfoil front wing on another foil to evaluate the efficiency on an efoil powered by a VESC ?
@kotnascher, nice editing, you video starts like a Mad Max (Maker ?) or Waterworld movie :wink:
200628 German Mtg

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Heyho, we will definitely organise another meeting this Year and let you know when, maybe in September. Sweden would be also great but I don’t think that I could make it.

Really, nobody to describe the findings, the setup (s) you really liked ? :wink:

My sons drove hard and it was noted that it worked well.
One participant tried it himself, but was about 30kg heavier than my sons. He couldn’t keep the board flat enough to pick up speed.
Greetings Frank

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Like @JetboardCologne said, his 6s setup worked pretty well all the time without failures (like some other boards :wink: ). Somehow i didn’t get to test it by myself but i would say it is made for lightweight people and i weigh a delicate 87 kg

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My Front wing was Your Problem. :blush:
With bigger wing…
Greetings Frank

Nice shots. Sorry that I missed it.