Get Foil claimed to be made in USA

What’s up guys.

Have you seen this e-foil? Claims to be made in the USA. Looks Chinese made to me.

Which one of you guys are behind this? Kinda looks like Jezza’s motor mount. Is this why your not sharing @Jezza ?

Nice prototype! :rofl::beers::call_me_hand:

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Ha ha…Yep this is one of the commercials lurking somewhere on the forum.
Can’t say I like the board design that much though…

Yea. I hate that board look.

LOL…the motor mount looks nothing like mine (well FR’s mount). Here is their unit:

I would also do the board VERY differently!

Hello eFoil builders. I see you’ve found out about Foil. We just launched yesterday. This has been years of work for us. Super excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on. Now that I can talk about the project, I’m happy to answer any questions if you’ve got any!


@jezza I was just giving you shit…

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Make a different board. That board is hideous!
IMHO. Maybe others will love it. It might be one of those love it or hate it type of things! You can mark me down as a vote for hate it! LoL

But, good luck with your board and business. The more commercial products the better in my opinion. It will help drive the availability of parts, and push the price down.

How much you selling this hideous beast for? :wink:

Eh. There’s not much you can do to the board other than make it look like a surfboard and blend in with the crowd. So we went a different direction.

Foil starts at $4999.


I like the board! It’s different and it looks more “aggressive” I guess! It’s good to see a different design IMO. Also, will you sell parts separately? Like the remote control and receiver?

How much for a spare battery? And you’re selling these in the US, right?

Have to agree with others on the board design… it will drive buyers away.

Nice drone flying in that video! haha

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I like it, Reminds me of the Seadoo PWC. looks like the Spark. Fun toy.

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Thanks! I don’t think we’ll be selling those parts separately. The battery and the controller are so intertwined with software It wouldn’t be possible to use it with any other system. The pairing function is quite unique. You just tap the controller to the battery and its paired. Makes switching batteries a breeze.

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Thanks! It’s a racing drone with a GoPro mounted to it. :slight_smile:

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We are only selling them in the United States for now. Spare Batteries will likely cost somewhere around 2k.

If it is 4999$ in the US, then the price is good. It looks not to stable… but you can improve wings and I´m shure it will kik ass with that price;-) esp. for and fliteboard :wink:

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Has Lift bothered you at all?

Everyone on these forums seems to think Lift is threatening other US eFoil sellers with their bogus patent:

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Your web site claims variously 10mi range or 15-18mi range. And 22mph top end or 28mph top end. If this has the largest battery in the foil industry, it should be able to beat out Lift’s consistent 25-27mph top end and 12mi range.

Also, claims production in “Spring 2020” and “next Summer”.

Also, about that battery. Is it swappable or is it one board = one battery?

Can you clarify?

I see 3 versions listed:

Standard ($5k): 10 miles, 22 mph
Extended Range ($6k): 18 miles, 22 mph
Performance ($7k): 17 miles, 28 mph

Production “expected” to begin next spring makes me think it’s unlikely these will be ready for next summer. Other manufacturers all missed their estimates by at least 6 months, if I remember correctly.

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