GetFOIL FOIL Inc. parts repurposed for DIY Build

FOIL Inc went out of business June 1st 2024. There is and will be discounted parts floating around. Even the original wing and mast supplier in China is selling parts direct. Masts that already have the holes for mounting a motor.
Masts are about 31.5 inches long. Similar to the Lift mast length of 32. The wing bolt holes are the same as Lift but the diameter of the foot of the mast is a little fatter.
It could probably be sanded/filed/cut down to fit Lift wings.
I think some had a plastic boot type thing that if removed just might be the Lift size?

If in the future, some one might have interest in using parts for a DIY
I made a quick video with measurements and dimensions of the unique mast plate holes.

Alibaba link to the masts and China factory are in the video comments or description

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