Go-FOC G300 ----100V 300A --base on VESC

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This is 100% vesc? Which FW is used?
You really can deliver?
Where are you located?
I would like to order

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Hi, yes, based on vesc10025, we are located in Shenzhen, China. Now in pre-sale, expected to ship on November 1st

Go-FOC G300 —-100V 300A –VESC

Why are you advertising it as VESC if it is your own design and it should carry it’s own brand?


The controller has its own named and is based off the VESC fw… VESC is a FW tarampa you know this and Ben Vedder specifically had it in the license that if you use his FW you need to just specify so to meet the license agreements. I’ve designed my own HW around the VESC fw (the easy part BTW) if your using Mr. V’s FOC’s then you might as give him the credits… But you already knew this… You’re just trying to throw shade on MakerX which I’ve used in the past and currently with no problems. Good brand and decent quality.


Go-FOC G300 —-100V 300A –VESC was the original title… Mr. Vedder has pretty clear TM policies regarding the usage of the TM VESC.

OK would be Maker X Go-FOC—100V 300A ESC - Compatible with VESC-Tool.


Go-FOC G300
10% OFF Free shipping.

The new Go-FOC G300 built on VESC.

Up to 20KW output capacity.

Extremely small volume…High energy density

18 waterproof rubber ring, support the whole body anti-splash.

All aluminum alloy shell, super heat dissipation ability.

High current wiring copper column.

Wiring harness assembly design makes the body more concise.

It can be used in electric surfboard, electric go-kart, electric motorcycle, electric boat, fighting robot, joint robot and other high-power brushless motor control fields.