Going Green and more sustainable

Bamboo wings (with CF :)) and green epoxy. They will fit the bamboo board soon !


That’s how, thanks for sharing. Did you make that?

I know Starboard has one of the largest initiatives to push towards a more sustainable future. Click that link to check out my signature foil board hitting shops soon. It is thick and short and good for efoiling :wink:

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Upside down ! Bamboo foil + Bamboo board.


We are doing various products using Bamboo and composites materials, board and foil are using also Green epoxy, foam rein fort from PET recycle bottle and cellulose fibers fabrics. I avoid also clear coating to add less chemicals on the board (and reduce cost and weight :)). A lot more to do i know !

Very nice and clever to set the fibers up along the wingspan.
Which airfoil section have you used ? What are the wingspan, max chord and max thickness ?

This was on of my first boards over two years ago fully eco built with entropy resin recycled eps core and bamboo but carbonized (it’s stronger)Uploading: 981CB807-A0DD-4AD4-9386-917701B5295A.jpeg…