Gong Allvator curve L vs LT

I’m in the proses of figuring out what foil i should use.
The two foils that i am looking at are the Gong allvator curve L and the LT, i like the LT because its higher aspect ratio 4.2 and a bigger wing at 85cm vs the L at 77cm wing and a aspect ratio of 3.8.
i weight 125 lbs or 56kg, i would like for heaver people to be able to ride my board.
what are you thoughts on witch foil to go with, or any other foils that you recommend.


You can go M or MT. I am 80kg and can fly with curve L at 22kmh. I would choose smaller. With 56 kg you definitely can go M size.

thank you so much for your feed back!! i like the idea of using the M or MT but i would have to buy a mast, mast plate, fuselage and so on, witch most of those things Gong is out of stock. witch is why i was looking at this, https://bit.ly/3hvlN24 its like a prebuilt foil kit from Gong. but the smallest size foil is 77cm.
a question i have about if i bought each peace individually is would i have to buy screws for the mast to mast plate and for the wings to fuselage, or do the screws come with the each peace?

No. At this price buy the set LT immediately. Great price great foil.

Sounds good i will buy the Allvator LT this evening.
thanks so much for your help!!

Is any body using this wing setup. I would like to buy it. At 379euro it sounds like a great deal.