Gong Allvator - unboxed pics and pics of build quality

Hi All,

Have recently purchased a Gong Allvator foil not fir my efoil but for surf foiling.

Thought I would share a few pics in case anyone was thinking od getting one and was interested in the build qaulity and set up. This is the 65cm mast and large foil. Build quality looks good and it’s very light, mast and foil seem fairly stiff and the prices are very reasonable

Hello ,
what is the size L or XL?

Hi, that’s the Large wing with 65cm mast. When I ordered there was no extra charge for swapping the medium wing for the large

possibly can you give me the weight of the whole (mat + fuselage + wings)? thank you

According to the gong website this foil and mast set up (L wing and 65cm mast) weight is 4,2kg

See all specs here


I think i got the medium wing. Here with a hiorth ”torpedo”

I would not call it light. Compared to my nobile it’s heavy. I like the bag!

I bought the same one for my electric foil, I will keep you informed after the first tests…
In the meantime here is the link to my construction…


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Been riding twice and medium is perfect for beginners but to slow for me. I can start foiling at 20 amps easy.

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Nice , so what will be your next wing ? Kind of feeling the same about my wing…

Hi, we have realy fast wing :wink:

Get the 65cm kite wing. It will fit on the fuselage and should handle a lot more speed.

Does it work with the back wing or should I change that one as well?

I think the back wing you have should be fine.

I sent an email to gong. Will post answer.

Do you have the mast profile for the gong mast by any chance? I need to cut the mast profile from my mast clamp.

hello i draw the clip for foil gong look here:




Regarding kite wing for surf foil. I got this answer from GONG:
“The Fuselage will need to be changed for the Kite wing to be used but yes the stabs for either kite or surf are interchangeable. You might want to think of switching ou the stab first, that should loosen it up a bit.”

The difference between kite and surf fuselage

Other people who ride with Gong foil surfing have the same problem…?