Gong Curve LT vs Curve Alu Vs X-Over

I’m trying to start a build for my first efoil. I tried a Lift board a few weeks ago and got hooked. I also build snowboards/alpine skis, teach courses on engineering electric vehicles, and run a maker space sort of facility. So, I’m looking to leverage my skills and spare the wallet.

One skill I don’t have (yet) is understanding wing specs concerning hydrofoils. I’m looking to source the mast and foil system from Gong and noticed the longer mast versions of their setups are out of stock, but the new ones are available. The Curve LT, which is often recommended, is very different from the new Curve. Looking at the specs, the X-Over seems to be a closer match. Any recommendations? I’m thinking of an 85cm mast and will use a 75/300 and a 65161 120kv for my power system (probably 14s). I weigh about 72kg and have beginner skills, but I have many years of experience in board sports. I’m looking for a bit of guidance on the wing selection before I send the order.

It’s only the kit that’s out of stock with curve LT, you could pick the parts separately.

I haven’t tried them but i think the new curve line might be less friendly to ride as a beginner, thinner profile and higher aspect means a quicker transition and an easier stall of the wing.

Going off that, the new X-Over L is roughly the same as the previous Curve LT according to the specs.

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Isn’t the curve LT cheaper to get since it’s the ”previous design”?

Also the reported wing feeling is substantially different for curve LT and x-over L
(1450 vs 1300 cm2)

Did you use the 3D viewer tool they provide. Go into the details of the wing and you can click on the viewer so you can see the actual shape of the wing. The chart with the numbers obviously helps but I found the viewer very useful.

Yeah, the LT is cheaper, but it’s a close wash when I add in the other parts or if I order the part separately. The older Curve rear stabilizer is not orderable except in the kit. I do see the 95cm version is available but that seems like a lot of masts under the water and to transport.

I’ll be mostly in freshwater here in Maine and if we are known for one thing, it’s rocky lakes. While I hope 10cm isn’t a make or break, I’d rather error on the side of not breaking. For reference, the Lift board I tried has 27" mast I believe, which is around 70cm.

I did take a look at the specs and 3D but I’m not at the point yet to make any confident assumptions based on those profiles. I’m not even sure what wing feeling is yet.

I don’t have much experience so take this for what it’s worth😀

GONG seems to a very innovative manufacturer and their attention to detail is amazing.

If they have changed a product offering there is a good reason and doing so addresses limitations of the prior model.

If you look at the X-Over old version and new version you can clearly see that the old version was relatively flat while the new one has some complex curves in it. I don’t presume to know what the new version “fixed” but do assume it’s “better” than the old one.

My experience with the X-Over new ver is that it is very predictable which for me at this point in my learning curve has a lot of value as I can now start pushing the boundary’s of what I feel confident doing. Tighter turns, flying at certain heights for long distances, easy to start and standup predictably. Perhaps if I advance that will seem boring and drive me to seek other foil shapes but I bought two sizes of front foil the 95 and 85 and just switching between those two is quite a change in performance.

I’m not positive but it might be possible to get a X-Over wing AND a comparable sized Curve wing and have them fit the same fuselage. They might require different stabilizers to be optimal but you might not need that in the learning stage.

I reached out to Gong and they said the new X-Over is closer to the old Curve LT than the new Curve L is. I think the bigger difference is in the stabilizers for each series but we will see.