Gong Fluid LT wing construction

I hit a bunch of rocks on my efoil yesterday, luckily just the wing was damaged (and my hip took a beating)

I thought it might be interesting to upload some pics as you can see the construction of the gong fluid LT foil on the pics. I’ll start a repair of the damages later on.

Construction seems to be
foam core
UD carbon
glass fabric
outer visual shells, upper and lower, carbon twill fabric

The outer thickness is roughly 1-1.5mm, It’s a less complex composite than i expected.


The Easter wing project :wink:

Here is the layup given by Gong for the Fluid Pro Clear that should be close to a regular Fluid

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Wow the term “that’s gonna leave a mark” applies!!

Glad to hear you didn’t get hurt too badly😀
Were the chickens on board during the incident?:wink:

Yeah, it could’ve been bad, i was riding high in the water so there was only 30cm or so of water to land in, with huge bolders under. Checking some depth plots i could find where it was.

I won’t be riding for some time because my back is screwed up, that’s no happy easter present :slightly_frowning_face:

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