GONG FOIL ALLVATOR TOP PLATE out of stock - help needed

i own a GONG FOIL ALLVATOR and ordered and ran it with the deep tuttle on a surfing board. Now i want to use this equipment with a new board. To adapt it to i will need the V1 GONG FOIL ALLVATOR TOP PLATE which is currently out of stock. https://www.gong-galaxy.com/en/product/gong-foil-allvator-top-plate-2/

As even the V2 is out of stock i believe it may take longer time to get it.

As many people here are swapping their equipment regularly, maybe someone can sell me his outdated part?

Many thanks for all your hints…

I have a spare FR mast plate to fit a gong mast.

Where are you?

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Very nice, i will contact you PM.

Somehow the PM does not work. I am in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ive also got a spare if you need it. Should be in France by the end of the month.

Cool, postal service within europe is super cheap and reliable. I will try to write PM to you.

I had a look at postage costs yesterday. They are surpisingly expensive from NZ.

Thank you for your good offer. For 750g it is 20€. From NZ to DE . Plus customs.

Kiwis like to price gouge wherever they can. My quote was $250 NZD. Thats the price you pay for living on an isolated island at the end of the world.

I tried a quote through DHL as they are the only people that seem to delivery anywhere in a reasonable time frame at the moment.

It is really a pitty, that private mails do not seem to work anymore. I never get answers anymore.