Gong frontwing hole distance and fuselage dimensions

Hello everybody,

since my DIY fuselage should also be capable to fit Gong wings, I am looking for the distance between the two M6 holes of those wings. I am not 100% sure whether all gong product variants have the same space in between but maybe you have a clue.

(ignore the lateral holes)

I also looking for the dimensions of the initial fuselage part which plugs into the wing. It seems to be squared with some rounded corners. Maybe 15x15mm?



Gong Fuselage V2 dimensions according to Neues Gong Foil 399.- - Seite 7 - [oaseforum.de] are as follows, if anyone is interested:


This can not be V2 fuselage as the cutout for the mast is square in v2

Indeed! Then the sketch might belong to the V1 ALLVATOR FUSELAGE SURF/SUP fuselage since the KITE variant is a little shorter as far as I know.

In the meantime, I received the frontwing hole to hole distance for the ALLVATOR FUSELAGE SURF/SUP which is 50mm.